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Harnessing Digital Technologies for Job Creation, Inclusive Economic Growth and Sustainability

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Oct 24-26 2023


72 Hours


Onsite in Abuja

700+ Hackers

About Us

2023 is here!

InclusiveCodeFest 2023 is here! InclusiveCodeFest hackathon is the meeting place for like-minded developers, designers, and business professionals eager to explore new paths.

InclusiveCodeFest is an immersive three-day experience that brings together tech enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds across Nigeria to develop new ideas with the latest technology in a unique environment and atmosphere within our selected themes.

If you’re into tech at all, this is the place to be – an eventful week of hacking and catching up with more than 200 other tech heads in an atmosphere and spirit like no other.


The InclusiveCodeFest is divided into tracks based on different industries and topics that are currently particularly relevant.

Digital Literacy & Inclusion

Address digital inclusion challenges related to politics, economics, policies, and online safety.

Creative Media Technology

Explore issues like data control, intellectual property, content sharing, and universal content formats in creative media tech.

Government Services

Enhance democratic governance, simplify tax filing for small businesses, and boost citizen and community engagement.

Subsidy Removal/Mobility

Find solutions to mitigate the impact of fuel subsidy removal on transportation, production, and mobility.

Financial Inclusion Technology

Improve data security, regulatory compliance, infrastructure, and financial inclusion technology in rural areas.

Registration Ends

15th October 2023

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